About Us


Varpa  Ltd. Co. was established in December 1998. The main fields of business 
are Dental, Medical and High-tech Electronic equipments. The founder of 
this farm has been involved in Dental  and Medical business since 
1994. Holding customer satisfaction in the fore front, Varpa 
aims to improve the product  and service quality.

In 2004 we have established our own factory in Ankara to produce 
disposable products which are used in the health 
sector for hygienic purposes.

Varpa sells the imported medical and dental products on wholesale and
 retail basis and also participate in the government tenders.

We look positively at the advices and criticisms from the customers as they 
will improve product and service quality. Please do not hesitate to 
contact  us by e-mail, phone or fax. Thank you very much.

With best regards.